Oaxacan Futures — Santa Maria Ixcatlan

Santa Marνa Ixcatlan is a small village of roughly 500 inhabitants in the Mixteca region of Oaxaca, where a handful of folks make mezcal in an centuries-old tradition that is hardly replicated anywhere else in Mexico. These producers roast maguey Papalome (in this community, agave potatorum) in an underground oven, mash the roasted agave by hand with wooden mallets, and ferment the cooked mash in vessels fashioned from dried cow skin that is draped over four posts. After fermentation, the fermented mash is double-distilled in wood-fired clay pot stills.

Most producers in Ixcatlan prefer to sell their mezcal locally and to neighboring communities for their town fairs and fiestas. However, as social distancing measures have required the cancellation of practically all regional festivities, many of these producers have lost their market. That has brought them to label under a collective brand, Ixcateco. The requirements for bottling as part of this developing brand are to follow the production methods mentioned above, as well as commit to harvesting only completely mature agave.

In order to help keep these traditions alive during a time of economic standstill, Ixcateco is offering the destilados de agave produced from 16 different producers, made in six different palenques. All 750 ml bottles are priced at 600 pesos each. The labels are printed on agave fiber paper and producer information is hand-written on the back label. They will be available for pick up directly from the producers once it becomes safe to travel; or, if you can’t make it out to Ixcatlan but are visiting Oaxaca, can be retrieved at El Destilado. Ixcateco requests 10-days notice to receive visitors. All productions are from agave Papalome, which have been harvested regionally at a high altitude. For those of you who enjoy single varietal verticals, this is also a special opportunity to sample expressions using the same agave variety and same means of production in the same community, but at different palenques and under the guidance of different mezcaleros.

After ordering, you’ll receive a receipt from PayPal that you will bring with you to Oaxaca -- either to Ixcatlan or to El Destilado. When you order below, unless you know what you're doing, unfortunately you will have to order each item individually. You can add multiple bottles of any one item in each purchase, but you can't just click once and order, say, three different expressions. Sorry! And when you go to pay, the top button option is if you want to pay with a PayPal account -- the bottom button allows you to use your credit card.   Any questions, email me! And for folks who want to help but don't see themselves getting bottles ... or don't drink ... or whatever, if you just want to make a donation, here you go:

As noted in the first paragraph above, every spirit on this list is made from Papalometl

Palenque Ixcateco

Amando Alvarado Jimenez (750ml) – 600 pesos

Amando Alvarado Alvarez (750ml) – 600 pesos

Adrian Jimenez Jimenez (750ml) – 600 pesos

Alejandro Jimenez Jimenez (750ml) – 600 pesos

Roman Velasco Jimenez (750ml) – 600 pesos

Noe Bautista Salazar (750ml) – 600 pesos

Bernardino Lopez Donantes (750ml) – 600 pesos

Filemσn Alvarez Guzman (750ml) – 600 pesos

Palenque Ixcateco collection (one 750ml bottle from each of the eight producers associated with this Palenque) – 4,800 pesos

Palenque Rosales

Lauro Rosales Velasco (750ml) – 600 pesos

Luis Rosales Valdivia (750ml) – 600 pesos

Alberto Rosales Hernandez (750ml) – 600 pesos

Palenque Rosales collection (one 750ml bottle from each of the three producers associated with this Palenque) – 1,800 pesos

Palenque Bautista Lopez

Manuel Bautista Lopez (750ml) – 600 pesos

Palenque Javier Bautista

Juan Javier Bautista (750ml) – 600 pesos

Palenque Rivera

Federico Rivera Valdivia (750ml) – 600 pesos

Oscar Herrera Alvarez (750ml) – 600 pesos

Palenque Cerqueda

Hugo Cerqueda Alvarez (750ml) – 600 pesos

Four Palenque collection (one 750ml bottle from each of the five producers associated with the Bautista Lopez, Javier Bautista, Rivera, and Cerqueda Palenques) – 3,000 pesos

All in for Ixcatlan!

This is the whole megillah! One 750ml bottle from each of the 16 producers participating – 9,600 pesos